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From free jazz to acid groove to acoustic folk, quality is the only criteria for Berlin Records, and a desire to release music through a grassroots organisation which is fueled by member enthusiasm. We intend to encourage the community of creative musicians in Berlin (though not exclusively), so long as the music is of sufficient quality and spirit! In this day and age of internet access there is no need to cater to the wishes of Sony or BMG, but rather to release heartfelt music, and Berlin Records has, for a change, no boy bands!

bartel white - ART HIT

ulli bartel - violin
scott white - bass

hear: crocus

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friedsitar - FRESH

edward powell - sitar
emil heryrosky - tabla
scott white - bass

hear: sadapa

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the pacers - THE PACERS

james scannel - saxophone
marcin lonak - drums
scott white - bass

hear: don't forget to...

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